Things to avoid during pregnancy in lunar eclipse

A modern superstition also has it that a pregnant woman shouldn’t touch her belly during a lunar eclipse. Talking of birth, the Indians seem to take the cake on this one: one newspaper recently told pregnant women not to go out during the eclipse, to stop them giving birth to a blind baby or one with a cleft lip.
If you live in the cold north, take note: disease is meant to strike the Eskimo people whenever the women forget to place their utensils upside-down during an eclipse. Some also think that you should take a bath before and after the eclipse, to wash away any evil spirits. Tonight’s total lunar eclipse will be the first to happen on the winter solstice since Dec. Some belief systems that revolve around the lunar calendar have unusual ideas about pregnant women and lunar eclipse. A pregnant woman should not go outside during an eclipse or her baby will be born with a deformity. A pregnant woman should not use a knife to cut anything during an eclipse or her child will be born with a harelip. A pregnant woman who touches her belly during an eclipse will have a baby born with a birthmark. From an astrological perspective, a baby born on an eclipse shares all the traits of one born on a full moon, only more so.

But should your baby be born on this particular eclipse, any negativity about the eclipse may be, uh, eclipsed by the great fortune of being born on the winter solstice. As Britain prepares to be plunged into darkness for the upcoming solar eclipse, excited stargazers are readying themselves for the event of a lifetime. In Ancient Greece, a solar eclipse was seen as a sign that the gods were angry and thought to be an omen of bad things to come. A popular myth that still persists in some cultures is that pregnant women can be harmed by the solar eclipse, and as such should stay indoors during the event. There will come a time when the earth will no longer experience solar eclipses - although not for some time. In parts of India, people do not eat during a solar eclipse and give away any food that lay uneaten. In many different cultures from times gone by, there are stories of how the sun was eaten or stolen to explain away the eclipse.
Power levels across Europe will take a battering during the eclipse - due to the amount of sower power operations providing energy to the continent.
After using his tools to work out that a lunar eclipse would soon occur, he told the native chiefs that unless they gave him what he needed, he’d darken the moon.
In 1972, she chartered a ship from New York to the waters off Nova Scotia, with no less then 830 people on board – just to see an eclipse.

Crowded on the decks, the eclipse-hunters saw the black shadow of the moon coming towards them — a black shape, something like a tornado, changed the color of the sea to a deep purple as the moon flew across the sun.
The word eclipse actually comes from the Ancient Greek work ekleipsis which meant being abandoned.
It is claimed that if a pregnant woman goes out during an eclipse, her baby will be born blind of with a cleft lip. This comes from a belief that any food cooked while the eclipse takes place, will be poisonous and impure. Among them is the Viking fable that the sun god Sol is chased by the wolf Skoll and when the animal catches, him a solar eclipse happens. The last version is listed as the first lunar event ever recorded in the United States (except for, you know, all those lunar events that defined the Native American calendar). But an eclipse birth date can be seen as auspicious as well, depending on other astrological factors.

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