Surprise pregnancy at 44

The first-time mother wasn't trying to conceive, she adds, and her periods were irregular for several months before the pregnancy.
Fertility clinics may be crowded with women older than 35, but a 40th birthday doesn't automatically rule out pregnancy. The truth is, almost 40 per cent of pregnancies in women over 40 are unintended, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a New York-based non-profit research centre that tracks reproductive trends.
An unwanted pregnancy can be a bitter pill to swallow for women whose values prohibit abortion or giving up a child for adoption.

She cautions women not to derive false hope from spontaneous pregnancies in women approaching menopause. He Thinks He's Doing a Taste Test, but She's Surprising Him With an Epic Pregnancy Announcement! Kim Kardashian posted this picture of Kanye West's surprise 38th $110,000 birthday party at the Staples Centre, saying 'Thank you Staples Center for the most amazing birthday party for Kanye!'Sister Khloe was first to Instagram about the news, telling her followers: 'Kim rented out staples b****!!! He adds that doctors no longer classify women over 40 as having high-risk pregnancies simply because of their age.

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