Struggling to get pregnant after stillborn

Learn the latest news in women's mental health and get expert advice in our monthly newsletter. One of the greatest comforts to me over the next excruciating months was learning how many other women felt the same fear that I do and yet survived subsequent pregnancies. Angela Rodman, a 30-year-old stay-at-home mom in Salem, Oregon, was so focused on becoming pregnant after losing her daughter Charlotte shortly after birth that Rodman was taken aback by the fear that hit her during those long nine months. Once you are confident that your pregnancy is in good hands, it's time to create your own plan for managing your fears. I still have a crib set up from my pregnancy with Genevieve, but I don't plan to decorate the nursery until I bring home the new baby. Even after surviving a nerve-wracking pregnancy, women aren't always elated the moment their healthy baby arrives.

Staff at the hospital failed to recognise signs their baby girl Matilda was in distress, leading to her being delivered stillborn in April 2010 at 27 weeksShe said: 'I was 25 at the time and I was young so I had that on my side. Even when the pregnancy appears normal, doctors take precautions to reduce the risk of a repeat stillbirth. Manzella suggests finding at least one friend who you trust who will listen to your fears about the pregnancy.
I had liked my doctor's minimalist approach during my first two pregnancies, but after losing Genevieve, I knew I needed someone more sympathetic. Try taking a class, doing volunteer work, or even just getting interested in something as simple as a new TV series. After many months of trying to pretend I wasn't pregnant, I have finally bought a few snuggly outfits for this baby.

I was really dreading it but after a while I was really excited.'The couple were told there was a one in three chance of conceiving and just eight weeks after treatment Mrs Pratt found that she was four weeks pregnant. Louis, who lost her daughter Eliza to stillbirth, having a network of moms was critical to her emotional health during her subsequent pregnancy.

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