Stages of pregnancy in dogs

As a general rule, the average pet owner will not need to immunize a femaledog that has happened to fall pregnant.
Vet can palpate (feel) and possibly detect pregnancy  between days 27 and 31(after day 32, fluids increase to protect pups and making palpating not possible).
At this stage the embryos are most susceptible to defects and it is said that eating a toxic substance at this stage can cause eyes to not form properly, or cause cleft palate.
I like to start a vet-recommended multivitamin at this stage, but do not give calcium pills. At this time the fetuses begin to look like dogs; their toes, whiskers and claws all are developing.
If the bitch is nicely up to date with all of her vaccines, then there is usually no real need to give an extra boostervaccination just because of her pregnancy.

Calcium during the pushing stage of labor will make the muscles contract at that specific moment. If you did not worm her prior to mating (which is standard), then get a mild wormer that is made for pregnant dams. Other breederslimit the practice, only giving vaccines to pregnant bitches in high-infection-risk situations (e.g.
Pregnant animals, on the other hand, are not 'normal animals' and nor are their unborn puppies.
Pregnantbitches are generally under physiological stress and often exist in a nutrient deficient state. In a pregnant animal, the sudden cardiovascular collapse and severe drop in blood pressure suffered during an anaphylactic reaction could potentially result in the death of the bitch orher foetuses or potentially induce the bitch to abort her babies.

Note that some companies still exclude pregnant bitches from their killed vaccine regimens and these recommendations must be obeyed. Some makers of killed and intranasal vaccines still recommend in their vaccination guidelines that their productsare not suitable for use in pregnant animals. It may be that some of theadjuvants or organisms contained in these products have simply not been tested in pregnant pets or it may be that they have been tested and not been found to be safe for this application. Bitches vaccinated during pregnancy:When bitches are vaccinated during pregnancy, their blood antibody levels towards that vaccinated-against virus (parvovirus is normally the vaccine type given) increase to very high titers, peak levels being achieved approximately 2 weeks after vaccination.

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