Special gifts for pregnant daughters

I know there are a lot of products that pregnant women can't use or even come in contact with, so I was wondering if any of you could suggest some things that would be safe and useful for a mama to be.
If you're looking for even more adult-friendly written works, check out the discussion over here. When I was pregnant, someone sent my mother a bunch of vanilla-scented bath products because they had read that vanilla is appealing to babies.
I agree with you Dahlia, I have always had trouble with scents giving me migraines (complete with headache, dizziness, nausea)and while pregnant it became worse.
I'd also LOVE to receive a voucher for a cleaning service to come clean my house so I can have a day off to sit with my feet up and read a book non-parenting related. When it got down to the last few weeks and I was waiting and waiting, I really enjoyed scrapbooking and making wreaths for my friends.

Also, maybe a fun movie or book, some magazines, some fancy decaf coffee, hot cocoa, or tea (but not herbal tea, which can be shady for pregnant ladies).
One other thing- When Our Daughter was born we were given a small potted Rose plant that had not bloomed yet. If she's having trouble sleeping (like I did my entire God Damn pregnancy) get her lavender scented things.
When I was pregnant, the freaking grocery store had a TV that was playing Cars, of all things, and watching the scene where Lightning goes back and pushes the other car over the finish line made me break down in tears right there!
Other ideas- Belly is a line of skincare products that is specifically for pregnant and nursing mothers, and it's a great line. We were able to plant it at home, so it is a constant reminder, ans something that will be with us for a while.

Pregnant women have all sorts of aches and pains and a free 30 mins or hour to get those addressed will help so much.
These are nice gifts, and of course a prenatal massage gift certificate would be extra nice also. Hang out with her and try to steer conversations to things you'd talk about before she got pregnant so she can feel a bit normal.
I got bad at initiating contact with my friends during pregnancy, but if they contacted me, I'd always answer or return their calls.

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