Reasons for not becoming pregnant

There is always a solution to all your problems, thanks to the advancement in science and modern technological innovations that happen each day!Above all, it is also important to understand that you are not alone in this.
Then, here are few simple day to day things that could be affecting your chance to get pregnant and or could be one of the causes and reasons for not conceiving.1.
There are many applications available today that can help track the approximate accurate time for ovulation.
Talking it out is a great way to reduce stress.You can also communicate or chat with other moms to be in the antenatal exercise class and who are in the same stage of pregnancy as you are. This will help you to understand how others are tackling the same problem and you will get some ideas to solve your problem too.Eating well is essential for both your mind and body. It is perfectly safe to exercise during pregnancy and helps to keep your stress under control.
You can clarify whatever you read with your doctor and find out if the claims made by certain book are true.If you are working while you are pregnant then talk to you employer about commuting. Also, stress in men affects their sperm count and it often reduces the count by a considerable amount than is normally required for successful conception.

It is important to mention here that, it is essential to stay in bed for at least a minimum of 20 minutes post the sex activity to ensure that you can conceive and the sperm gets a chance to reach the egg. Focus on relaxing and lying in bed for a while after the sex so that you can improve your chances of conception and getting pregnant.4.
Both these addictive habits have the ability to reduce the chances of getting pregnant by affecting the reproductive system in the body. To improve chances of getting pregnant, make sure you both quit or reduce smoking and drinking.5. If you are working out too much, you are reducing your fat percentage in the body and as a result sending your menstrual cycles into a toss, leaving your body in a state of not being able to get pregnant. Doctors often start with the basic tests and ask for the couple to get an ultrasound to ensure that all reproductive organs are as they should be and create and image so as to check anatomical details:b. Test for progesterone levels to ensure that as a woman you are ovulating and body is in its normal cycle to ensure that conception can happen.d.
Have a test for Chlamydia to ensure that if it exists and is not letting you conceive, you can proceed with antibiotic treatments.e.

Sometimes, an abnormal thyroid can also be one of the many reasons a couple is unable to conceive or get pregnant, getting a thyroid test done will rule out this possibility as well.f.
This is done for woman who is having difficulty in conceiving.During a hysterosalpingogram a dye or contrast material is put through a thin tube into the vagina and into the uterus. This x-ray can also help to detect any problem in the uterus that is preventing successful implantation of the fertilized egg.A hysterosalpingogram is done to check for a blocked fallopian tube. Often infection is responsible for scarring and blocking the fallopian tubes, thus preventing pregnancy. The dye used in hysterosalpingogram often helps to open the blocked fallopian tubes.This test helps to detect the presence of polyps, fibroids, adhesions, any foreign object in the uterus, any signs of injury and the abnormal shape of the uterus.

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