Questions regarding pregnancy

Below are answers to common questions we receive regarding pregnancy. "I've heard staying hydrated is important during pregnancy but I hate drinking water. This extra fluid cushions and protects baby, as well as helps prevent constipation — a common side effect during pregnancy. Though water is the preferred beverage during pregnancy, you can meet fluid needs with 100% juice, lowfat milk and decaffeinated tea and coffee.

If adding fruity flavor to water helps you meet daily fluid goals, but you prefer mixes without artificial sweeteners, try mixing water with 100% juice, slices of fresh fruit like lemons, cucumbers and strawberries or liquid sugar-sweetened drink mixes in which you control the flavor and amount of added sugar. "I'm eight months pregnant.
Make cooking easier with easy-to-prepare options like canned beans, herb-seasoned steam-in-bag frozen fish with minimal added salt, frozen soy-protein burgers and burger crumbles, pre-chopped fresh, frozen and no-salt-added canned vegetables, whole grain pasta, rice and breads, and fresh, frozen, dried and no-sugar-added canned fruit. "My doctor told me I should increase my fiber intake while pregnant.

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