Pregnant with twins at 50

Some fashion models might be a little put off by early weight gain during pregnancy, but Alessandra seemed to be loving it, which only made her look that much more beautiful. Amanda always manages to look so stylish with just a touch of girly sweetness, even when pregnant.
Demi’s 1991 Vanity Fair cover caused quite a stir when she bared it all at 7-months pregnant. Fashion model Cindy Crawford followed Demi’'s lead in 1999 when she posed nude while pregnant for the cover of W magazine. Another fashion model who remained beautiful (or even more so) through the pregnancy weight gain, Gisele seemed to breeze through pregnancy and birth with as much grace as any mother can. Julia Roberts certainly is a pretty woman … and maybe even prettier while pregnant with twins, Hazel and Phineas. Pregnancy did wonders for Nicole’s skeletal frame — we wonder if bringing new life into the world may have saved her own life. Currently in the second trimester with her first child, Alyssa is loving dressing for events while pregnant.
Color-coordinated with the heels to boot, Amy told InStyle magazine that she never felt more beautiful than when she was pregnant. Known for her waif-like beauty, this fashion and film icon was still a stunner while pregnant.
Brooke made headlines when she shared her struggle with severe postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter, Rowan.
At 47, Kelly looked simply amazing while expecting her third child with husband, John Travolta.
Master of self-deprecating humor, including when it comes to her looks, Tina is actually one of the most beautiful pregnant women we’ve seen — especially in this little black maternity dress she’s sporting at 5-months pregnant.

Though Christina originally didn’t want to be outspoken about her pregnancy, once Paris Hilton spilled the beans, she rocked her baby belly with the style and class fitting of the pop superstar that she is. Model and fashionista Heidi has embraced pregnancy and motherhood so much that she created two new maternity wear lines: Loved and Lavish.
You’d think Jennifer would be looking a little tired since she’s currently pregnant with her third child, but she was all smiles in an elegant grey gown at the red-carpet premiere of her movie, The Dilemma. Comedienne Maya Rudolph has admitted she really doesn’t like having to get dressed up for events while pregnant. Even when her baby bump was at its tiniest, Penelope’s hand instinctively moved toward her belly — a natural mama basking in the glow of early pregnancy. Alicia gave fans a scare when she fell on stage while pregnant, but thankfully, her baby-to-be was fine, and Alicia gave birth to son Egypt in October of 2010. We doubt Kimora looked very glamorous as she tweeted her delivery with updates like, “Having contractions now!
Not sure how much we agree with wearing those super-high heels so late in her third trimester, but we do admire Rachel for not letting her designer sense of style slip one bit. Victoria Beckham is living up to her former Spice Girls name as one of the most posh pregnant women in the world of celebs. You look great enjoy them I had a set of boy girl twins my boy weighed 6 lbs 2 oz and my girl weighed 4lbs 10 oz. The former model, TV personality, and Dancing with the Stars contestant has four kids but may not be done yet. After having her first daughter in 2006, she told Cookie magazine: "I thought it would be an extended, blissful romance with me at the helm, cuddling this little creature to life.
She certainly seems a lot happier these days with her daughter, Harlow, and her son, Sparrow.

Instead of fearing another bout of PPD with her second child, however, Brooke embraced her next pregnancy, saying she felt confident and informed this time around. The twins’ father, Nick Cannon, told Life & Style he had never been more attracted to her than while she was pregnant.
Nicole struggled with infertility while trying to start a family with Keith Urban but finally had what she called her “miracle pregnancy” and gave birth in 2008.
We’d probably get some funny looks if we tried to walk down the street in this ensemble, but Princess Di can pull it off without a hitch. They were perfect I delivered them at 38 wks and the last 2 months I was in major pain my stomache bled from stretching and I was miserable I only weighed 102 lbs when I got pregnant with them but I had a wonderful pregnancy and they were well worth they are now almost 2 and going strong.. Download Your Survival Guide Here Practical advice and strategies to make the early years with twins more fun. She said in an interview with OK magazine, "I've had great pregnancies and healthy, beautiful children. We loved Natalie’s stunning pregnancy dress at the Oscars, her glowing smile, her sweet and tearful Oscar speech — all of it.
It’s like WHOA!” But she definitely rocked the runway all through her most recent pregnancy with baby Kenzo.
At six months pregnant she showed up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in a mini skirt and over-the-knee boots.

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