Pregnant childbirth photos

What Really Happens During LaborEven with nine months of preparation, childbirth can still be full of surprises. Preterm LaborAs eager as you are to meet your baby, it's better for everyone if your pregnancy reaches full-term. Medications to Manage Labor PainTake the labor out of childbirth by learning about the many ways to manage your pain.
Stages of ChildbirthFrom that first contraction to the final push, here's what to expect during labor and delivery.

10 Inspiring Quotes About LaborCelebrate the wonder of bringing new life into the world with these breathtaking photos and quotes. Why (and How!) to Hire a DoulaIt's a doula's job to ensure your pregnancy is as safe, memorable and empowering as possible.
Taking a Hospital (or Birthing Center) Tour During PregnancyScheduling a time to view the hospital or birthing center where you'll deliver your precious bundle can help relieve anxiety and better prepare you for the big day! Childbirth Education ClassesWhile there's tons of information regarding how to maintain a healthy pregnancy and what to expect (like, right here!), childbirth classes give you hands on experience.

Funny Pregnancy StoriesThere's a lot to love about pregnancy, especially those moments you can't help but crack up about.

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