Pregnant baby in china

THESE are the incredible images of a miracle baby that was catapulted out from his pregnant mother as she was run over by a truck.
A baby girl in China was born carrying two fetuses in her abdomen the Hong Kong Medical Journal has reported.
In prenatal scans a large mass was seen in the baby’s abdomen which doctors believed could have been a tumour. It is not yet known how this occurs, some believe it could be the case that a baby in the womb absorbs a twin (or in this case two triplets).

In June we reported a horrific story, reported worldwide, that has spurred change in China.
Indeed, the outcry of the nations that a woman could be forcibly brought into a facility and have her baby killed against her will has sparked the realization that China’s issues aren’t just China’s issues; they are human rights issues that must be addressed by all humans. When the baby was born she was admitted to a neonatal unit and at 14 days new scans revealed the mass was in fact made up of two separate structures. Pray this order stays in effect, and that it is the spark that starts the fire that ends abortion in China.

She currently works for a non-profit in New England that serves pregnant women in crisis and their families.Read Posts By Christina Marie BennettDr. She works as children's director at her local church and volunteers at a local pregnancy care center.

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