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All women can expect to lose about 10-12 pounds (baby, placenta, fluids, etc) right after giving birth and then continue to see weight loss in the first week-- several pounds or more-- mostly from losing extra fluids accumulated during pregnancy.
ACOG states that if you've been working out all along — pre- and during pregnancy — you can continue postpartum. Being pregnant, nursing and carrying a baby in your arms, brings a lot of attention and focus to the front of your body such that your back and shoulders can start to curve around this new and substantial center. For the first several months you are still very much physically involved in the process of 'having a baby.' You have neither a pre-pregnant nor post-baby body yet. To wear your older child in a soft-structured carrier on your back, chose a “hip scoot” or “the sit start” (watch Onya Baby’s great back carry video to see these methods demonstrated) to place your baby on your back. A rucksack carry in a woven wrap is a quick, simple carry often preferred for short duration babywearing or carrying older toddlers, and often is used by experienced wrappers. 2.2One copy of the Licensed Material may be made for backup purposes only but may only be used if the original Licensed Material becomes defective, destroyed or otherwise irretrievably lost. During pregnancy flesh and organs and skin have all adjusted or moved to accommodate the baby.
Many women (a third of first time moms, and many more second time moms) find they have a gap between their stomach muscles after pregnancy.

Doctors seem as interested in pregnant women keeping weight down as the celebrity magazines are. The uterus has to "involute" or shrink back to a very, small non-pregnant size, organs need to find there place in a newly uninhabited torso and stomach muscles need time to drift back together. Other factors as to the timing of working out include how the birth went — if you have a c-section the recommendation from ACOG is to wait until at least 6-8 weeks before exercising — and whether this is your first baby. View how to wrap a rucksack carry for more information on using this carry.Use caution while continuing to wear your older child during pregnancy and consult your care providers when any uncomfortable or concerning changes occur. He has been wearing his own two children since his son’s birth in 2010.  He and his wife offer babywearing support and consultations to patients and local families as part of their mission to provide holistic wellness care to the entire family. Rocking your newborn can be a genuine workout — focus on your positioning when you're carrying the baby to make the most of it. The double hammock carry allows for the fabric and weight of the baby to be distributed across the chest and shoulders, which may be preferable in the later stages of pregnancy. The muscles almost always drift back together in time — maybe in 8 weeks or more, depending. They can be worn on the front through the early weeks of pregnancy and easily switched to the back when front wearing is no longer comfortable.

As with wearing a soft-structured carrier, use caution when placing your baby on your back, and be sure check out the the “hip scoot” or “sit start” methods on the Onya Baby YouTube channel.
What a special time to cherish the babyhood of your older child while expecting a new baby.
And generally think about throwing your shoulders back from time to time to avoid the new mom slump or take a yoga class whenever you can to help bring attention to these areas. Some women like the extra support that the waist-belt gives to the belly when strapped underneath during a back carry. Woven wraps are a great versatile option that allow for a variety of carries throughout pregnancy. Front and side wrap carries are great through early pregnancy and can more easily allow for above the bump front carries for further into pregnancy.

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