Pregnant at 46 with no intervention

If Berry is controlling her diabetes, which it appears she is, she shouldn’t have any issues with a healthy pregnancy, experts say. The 46-year-old actress, the first African American to win a Best Actress Academy Award (for Monster’s Ball in 2002), announced she was pregnant. I thought for sure that beyond 42 weeks a midwife would be recommending an induction and removing herself from the pregnancy due to liability if patient didn't take advice.
A friend of the family delivered around 46 weeks and her son suffered brain damage because he wasn't getting the oxygen and nutrients he needed toward the end of the pregnancy.

I was so scared for the baby as that can increase stillbirth with the placenta not working good anymore and the baby having a bowl movement in there increases. Even in women using the assistance of IVF (in vitro fertilization), there has never been a clearly documented case of a baby being born from an IVF pregnancy in a woman older than age 45 using her own eggs. In fact, the CDC calculates that only 4% of women 43 and up will go on to deliver a baby via IVF with their own eggs (after one try), Dr.
I was told today I needed to get my head out of my behind and that women needed to allow their bodies to "do what they do naturally" and that midwives are active participants in 46 week pregnancies!

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