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It does not really matter if your period has returned or not after a miscarriage, because all you need for pregnancy is ovulation. It does not take very long for fertility to return to normal after a miscarriage, so definitely keep that in mind if you have recently suffered from a miscarriage and are thinking about trying to conceive again. Miscarriage and ectopic or molar pregnancy can be unhappy, frightening and lonely experiences for women and for their partners too. Before the miscarriage the majority of partners said they felt ‘happy’, ‘excited’, ‘thrilled’ or ‘delighted’ about the pregnancy.
After the loss many partners reacted with feelings of sadness (85%), grief (63%) and shock (58%).
Whatever you feel about your partner’s miscarriage, we hope that you can find information, support and perhaps comfort here.
Trying Again lessens the uncertainties about pregnancy after miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss by providing the facts to help you determine if you and your partner are emotionally ready for another pregnancy.
I found this book informative and full of statistics and data regarding miscarriage, stillbirth & infant loss.
This book gave me hope after my miscarriage, I would suggest it to anyone going through this.
I reviewed Trying Again for my local infant loss support group after already having a subsequent pregnancy. There are several places on our website where you can read how some women and their partners have felt after losing a baby. If you didn’t plan the pregnancy or if you didn’t want to be pregnant, you may find it hard to understand your emotions.

Many women – and partners too – find it difficult to be around anyone else who is pregnant or has a new baby. After a miscarriage, you grieve for a person you never knew, and for a relationship that ended before it really began. This is different to grieving for, say, an elderly person who has died, and it can be hard for people who have no experience of miscarriage to understand. Another way in which grief after the loss of a baby is different to other kinds of grief is that you might be thinking about the possibility of another pregnancy in the future.
You may find it helpful to read our leaflet Your feelings after miscarriage and some of the accounts and poems in our Reflections section. Many women do not realize that they are able to get pregnant after a miscarriage has occurred, but before their next menstrual period.
If you ovulate after a miscarriage but before your period, it is possible that you will become pregnant.
The body recovers physically from miscarriage very quickly, but it may take a longer time to heal emotionally. Often expected to be strong, silent and supportive, you may feel invisible, as if your feelings and needs – whatever they are – aren’t that important.
55% had already picked a name for their baby, over half had read a pregnancy book and a third read parenting books too. In general, we use the term ‘miscarriage’ to include ectopic and molar pregnancy, just for ease of reading. This book is intended for women who have become pregnant after a loss without really understanding why their babies died the first time or what they can do about it.

That said, after knowing our daughter had Turner Syndrome and attending a support groups for loss, not much of it was new for me and I was able to skim through it. Some doctors recommend that their patients wait at least one cycle before trying to get pregnant again after a miscarriage, but that is only a recommendation. She also delves deep into the concerns women have about conceiving again and about actually being pregnant again. More valuable were the stories of others who have been through pregnancy after loss and how they felt about it. So, although you will probably find you share a lot with others, it’s important to remember that no one else’s experience of miscarriage will be exactly like yours. The medical talk runs the risk of scaring women who may suddenly self-diagnose their pregnancies with everything that could possibly happen.
You may feel angry – at fate, at your partner, at other women who seem to have no problems getting and staying pregnant. A book with more emotional support would be "Still To Be Born" by Schwiebert and Kirk.I was irritated by the title, since "Trying Again" means you failed, and I hate to see the death of a baby treated as a failure. The author also assumes that most parents' automatic response to the diagnosis of a birth defect is to terminate the pregnancy, so pro-life readers may be a little distressed whenever the subject arises. Worth the read if you or a loved one has experience loss and is or will be experiencing pregnancy after loss.

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