Pregnancy weekly

With this pregnancy, I was pretty consistent about taking weekly photos, and it’s been fun to look back and see my little bump become a not-so-little bump.
Pregnancy BookI love the big beautiful photos that are of more aspects of pregnancy than just the belly. Note to BabyIt’s so cute to see these little notes to the baby along with the weekly pictures.

When I was pregnant with DS (now 3), I took a similar pictures of my belly in the same outfit every week to capture the progression of the belly. Then, last year, I saw this on Baby Making Machine: She captured her whole pregnancy in these adorable weekly notes. And I instantly knew that if I was lucky enough to get pregnant again, I would be stealing this idea.

I am not a photographer and have neither the equipment nor the software to pull that off.I've had a hard enough time deciding whether I want to do the same fonts in each shot!I take the picture on Sunday, which is the last day of each "Pregnancy Week," for me.

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