Pregnancy tips and tricks

Intake of over 200 milligrams of caffeinated drinks and food slows down women's fertility hormones. Not maintaining a healthy oral condition disadvantageously affects your hormone's overall health, and subsequently, fertility potential.
Get the ultimate dish on the latest Parenting news, plus exclusive recipes, decorating ideas, videos and more - for free! Use trash bags for your clothes: Keep your clothes on their hangers and put a hole in the bottom of the bag. Pack your shoes in a suitcase: Packing your shoes in a suitcase is one of my favorite moving tips and tricks. Label those nails: Any time you take down a decoration in your old home, put the nails or screws into a snack size ziploc bag and label it with a sharpie. You have to be meticulous in observing certain regimes if you have been experiencing difficulties getting pregnant.

The toxic elements associated with alcohol wear down women's health, and subsequently, the potential to conceive. It’s a pain to try to empty them just for a move, so get a piece of saran wrap, put it in between the lid and the bottle, and put the lid on top as usual. Shoes can get REALLY heavy in boxes, so if you have luggage that rolls, put your shoes in them and they’ll be easier to transport. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve balled up all my necklaces and then had a massive knot to deal with! Packing up my classroom was a breeze, but then coming home after long and crazy days required me to pack up our apartment that we’ve lived in for 2 and a half years. I loved this trick and felt better knowing that whoever helped unload our kitchenware would be safe.
Your tips are very helpful and I’m very glad I found them exactly when I needed them.

Luckily, several friends and family members helped us move from our 2nd story apartment to our new place.
We always talk about moving (just don’t know where) and the idea of moving exhausts me. Your friends will appreciate the fact that you thought about them and will be more willing to help you again if you ever need.

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