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This scan is available for anyone who feels a bit worried or just wants to make sure that all is well with the pregnancy. A scan is not usually necessary at this stage of pregnancy but you might have one if you've had some bleeding or feel unwell. At the beginning of the scan, measurements will be made of the baby's head, brain, abdomen and legs. If you are at risk of premature birth, it may be useful to have an internal scan (vaginal scan) to measure the length of your cervix. It is also reassuring for women who have had some vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy (threatened miscarriage).

Sometimes the tummy scanner is inconclusive and an internal (vaginal) scan can give more information as to the health of the pregnancy.
The majority of gynaecology scans are performed using a vaginal probe (internal scan) to obtain the clearest views of the pelvis. This scan can show the number embryos, a heartbeat, the size of the embryo and confirm the number of weeks of pregnancy.
Our sexing scan are highly reliable but may be more difficult if the baby is in an unfavourable position or if the mother is overweight. If the nuchal translucency scan is abnormal, a referral to a Consultant in Fetal Medicine will be made and they will endeavour to see you on the day of your scan.

Shortly before a pregnant woman delivers, the fetus goes through a series of movements and she experiences labor pains. Many pregnant women today, especially first-time mothers, work right up to their baby delivery due dates.

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