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But for all of that beauty and mushy-gushiness, there is also a very strange, dark, disgusting, horrifying, and occasionally, disturbing side to being pregnant. There are millions of things about pregnancy that aren’t listed in books and that no one ever tells you about.
11.) Your blood flow increases so much during pregnancy that it's not uncommon to have nose bleeds and bloody gums on occasion. 13.) Your uterus starts at about the size of a small pear at the beginning of your pregnancy and grows to about the size of a medium watermelon. While pregnancy does not increase the width or length of your foot – the increased fluids may force you to go up a size in shoe. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

For each one year in the United States in that location are approximately six million pregnancies. This in turn with the weight of the baby results in your, pregnant mama, walking with a waddle.
It’s a dark vertical line that appears on the abdomen during about three quarters of all pregnancies. Meet x bizarre things that happen during gestation crazy facts about pregnancy that hoi polloi don't like to talk about.
Your uterus stretches while pregnant, and miraculously returns to it’s original size. Morni Africa Science Gestation Facts did you know that iv of women in cool facts about pregnancy 20 Facts about gestation Facebook Twitter More Facts About WWI.

Think of it like this: most women have been pregnant at some point in their life, miscarried, and never even knew about it.
Long dozen Super Strange Facts About maternity That You in all probability Didn't screw Here are 13 strange and interesting maternity facts that I'd reckon you didn't know.

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