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According to legend, a Chinese gender predictor chart was found in a royal tomb over 700 years before the present near Beijing. Regardless of where the chart originated from, it appears to predict the gender of a child fairly accurately. While this chart does predict the gender of an unborn child accurately in many cases, keep in mind that this is just for fun! Disclaimer: Although the Chinese gender prediction chart shows a high level of accuracy, it is not a scientifically proven method to predict baby gender and its a offense. Being regarded as the oldest method of baby gender prediction, ancient Chinese Birth Chart is said to be over 700 years old and discovered in Beijing.
By creating the Lunar Chinese Pregnancy Calendar and Boy or Girl Gender Prediction Chart, the Chinese were able to have more control over the sex of the unborn babies.
Since gender of the baby can be predicted during the first trimester of pregnancy, mothers find it empowered to conceive the baby with expected gender. For example, the 25-year-old moms who get pregnant during the months of January, March, May, July, and September are likely to conceive a GIRL.
Though the ancient Chinese Gender Predictor Chart is one of the easiest gender prediction channels, it is not very accurate with 100 percent.

To be described as one of the oldest ways to identify the gender of the baby, the Chinese Pregnancy Predictor is also called other names such as the Chinese Gender Predictor Chart or Chinese Lunar Calendar.
Although the chart’s accuracy can be disputed, it will be pretty fun to use if we get pregnant, or we prepare for the marital life. It’s free of charge to receive the daily personalized email readings provided by the online ancient gender prediction method. Honestly, we have no specific proof that the live Chinese gender predictor tends to work really effectively. As we know, the method of getting the medical help would be seen to be quite expensive if you want to determine the actual sex of your unborn baby during the pregnancy.
When searching for the means of Baby Gender Predictor over the online networks, the seekers are likely to end up the search with the Chinese Gender Chart. In fact, with the advent of the advanced technology, pregnant women are able to determine the gender of their babies through Ultra Sound or CT Scan method.
Dozens of pregnant women like to apply this chart since they are able to predict whether they carry boys or girls before conceiving. Of course, we can find it easy to search for several versions of the Chinese Pregnancy Chart on the Internet these days.

It’s because that there are just two different choices, or the boys or girl which may have at least one 50-50 chance of making a precise prediction for real! Right after asking for the most curious parts in your pregnancy stuff, you would be given the kind of guessing of the gender’s baby. With the need to produce more farmers and soldiers, the ancestors favorably used to the Chart to predict the kids’ sex before their virtual birth! Ancient Gender Chinese CalendarThere’s nothing so great about learning more information about the bump, or your pregnancy with a few clicks away without moving anywhere. It is not difficult to understand why the Chinese Pregnancy Predictor has more and more popular in this country. Ways To Predict Baby GenderFor every expectant mom, the ideas of waiting the full 9 months to discover the baby's gender seem quite awkward and unbearable.
Baby Gender Predictor By Due DateThe puzzles of guessing baby's gender are frequently discussed in nearly all forums around pregnancy and birth.

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