Pregnancy pains at 41 weeks

As a woman enters the third trimester of pregnancy, expectations for the baby’s arrival grow and excitement sets in.
With the engagement of your baby’s head into your pelvis as late as 41 weeks pregnant, groin pain may occur as pressure builds up. While the uterus is just about 8 cm long, 5 cm wide and about 50 g in weight before pregnancy, it can grow to as long as 30 cm, as wide as 22 cm and as heavy as 1 kg by the end of pregnancy.
Your uterus is a highly muscular organ, with each muscle cell growing several times in length and width during your pregnancy.
During pregnancy, your uterus tends to lean towards the right side supported by ligaments that attach it to the pelvic bones and your lower back. A reader asks, "I'm 41 weeks pregnant and I am having groin pains around the pubic bone and abdomen, although there are no contractions. Mira: "I've been experiencing pressure and irregular abdominal pains that make me feel like doubling up.
Another reader asks, "At 39 weeks, groin pain occurs when my baby moves a lot, especially at the right side, down the pubic area. If the bulging veins in your rectum are causing you pain (thanks in large part to the increased blood flow to your pelvic area and the pressure your uterus is putting on your rectum), try soaking in a warm sitz bath for 15 to 20 minutes to soothe your aching bum.
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Track your baby's development Get expert guidance from the world's #1 pregnancy and parenting resource, delivered via email, our apps and website. The baby is considered to term between the 38th to the 40th week, when most babies are normally born. After the 24th week, your uterus stretches longitudinally with a thick upper portion and a thin lower segment encircling the bottom part. However, sometimes there are contractions lasting for a few seconds accompanied by some pains. By the time you're 41 weeks pregnant, your practitioner has probably discussed labor induction with you, but that doesn't mean that you won't still go into labor on your own; some babies just need to take their time.
It's hard to think of anything else when your due date has come and gone — a week ago. In fact, 70% of post-term pregnancies aren't actually late at all but a miscalculation of the time of conception. As these ligaments are stressed, some women, 36 weeks pregnant, burning sensation in groin can be experienced. It’s funny that women seem to describe it differently, from a burning to a stinging or stabbing kind of pain, sometimes even numbness. For your baby's safety, your practitioner will talk with you about inducing labor if your baby isn't born in the next week — earlier if there are any problems.

Many changes occur in your body, and if you're up to 41 weeks pregnant, groin pain can be a problem. Most practitioners won't let you wait more than two weeks past your due date to give birth because it puts you and your baby at increased risk for complications. About 5 to 6 percent of women have prolonged pregnancies that extend three or more weeks beyond their estimated due dates. Babies born at 42 weeks and beyond can have dry parchment-like skin and are often overweight. What's more, your labor is more likely to be prolonged or stalled, both you and your baby have an increased risk of injury during a vaginal delivery, and you double your chances of needing a c-section.How your life is changingIt's hard not to be anxious when your due date comes and goes and you're still hugely pregnant (especially when well-meaning family and friends keep calling to check on your status!). There's a good chance you'll go into labor on your own this week, and if you don't, you'll be induced by 42 weeks, or earlier if you or your baby has any problems.The methods your practitioner uses to induce labor will depend on the condition of your cervix.

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