Pregnancy over 40 increased life span

Children whose mothers gained too much weight during pregnancy are at higher risk of developing health problems in later life, according to new research. The chance of developing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases or type 2 diabetes during adulthood was much higher in people whose mothers were overweight during the later stages of pregnancy. This can lead to reduced growth, and could also heighten the risk of the child developing mood disorders in later life. The researchers found that obesity combined with high weight gain during pregnancy was associated with shorter telomeres in children - markers of disease and a shorter lifespan.

The Dorian project has underlined the importance of preventing obesity in pregnancy, preventing excess weight gain during pregnancy, and also maintaining healthy diet without too much fat, all of which can have short and long term effects on the health of the mother and her child. Targeted strategies are also needed to ensure pregnant women do not add excess weight and protect their physical and mental health, and that of their children. Louise Silverton, director for midwifery at the Royal College of Midwives, welcomed the findings and advised women to try to be an ideal weight before becoming pregnant. For women who are overweight or obese they need support and signposting to access weight-loss services to ensure that they are an ideal weight before they embark on their next pregnancy.

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