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Find out what you can do about itching during pregnancy and when it's a sign of a serious problem. Fill-in prompts for writing about morning sickness, maternity clothes you never want to see again, and food cravings will make sure you never forget your pregnancy experience. Gorgeously illustrated by Nikki McClure, a paper-cut artist and children book author based in Olympia, WA, this journal gives expectant moms a keepsake-worthy place to document their pregnancy journey.
This handmade pregnancy journal is printed on heavy cardstock, making it ideal as a keepsake to share with your child one day. Which is why I put together a list of six unique ways to document your pregnancy, to provide ideas and inspiration that I wish I had two years ago.

This touching pregnancy documentation by Erin and Jeremy Plemon is actually a stop-motion video made up of 1,280 still photos taken from the moment the pregnancy stick turned positive until their beautiful baby, Eliza, was born.
Where To Create An Online Pregnancy Journal Or Scrapbook Baby Crowd Pregnancy Other Ideas gestation Video Journals & Time Capsules. Creating A pregnancy journal is a great elbow room to remember what it felt like the pregnancy journal ideas moment you announced your gestation picking a name the commencement recoil and everything Collecting your thoughts.
We’ve created a Pregnancy Journal theme for families to remember everything from the moment they found out about their upcoming arrival, to the first cry their little one took.
This journal takes an informal and humorous approach that gets the words flowing and makes chronicling your pregnancy fun.

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