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Thus, the eve of her 2014 due date found Moser and her husband piecing together the crib.Moser did not have a glowing pregnancy.
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists estimates one in seven women experience depression during pregnancy or within 12 months of delivery.“It’s very, very common,” said Dr. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s most recent relevant statistics, from the 2005-09 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, show about 8% of pregnant women ages 18 to 44 had reported depression during the past year.Other studies paint an even more troubling portrait. De-Kun Li, a senior research scientist studying prenatal depression at the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research, estimates that as many as 20% may experience depression symptoms during pregnancy.

And even a pregnancy both orchestrated and welcomed can deal a blow.“Women are caught off guard,” Hassan said. Working during pregnancy restricts time for rest, all while women are forging a new identity as mothers.
There is no standard question or protocol to screen for depression during pregnancy.“Ideally that should be part of the routine prenatal care,” Almeida said.
In a 2014 article, it called pregnancy-related depression the most common serious condition affecting pregnant women.

Therapy and medication both come up in conversations with patients.Whether women should take medication during pregnancy is a controversial conversation.

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