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As soon as a woman discovers she is pregnant, she should establish a schedule of prenatal care with her health care provider for the entire duration of the pregnancy. This schedule may vary depending on your personal medical condition and your health care provider's preference.
The goal of prenatal care is not only to provide the best care for the pregnant woman and the unborn child, but also to prepare the mother-to-be for the delivery of a healthy baby. With over 200 providers in over 20 specialties, over 55 clinics in Oklahoma and same-day appointments available, we are the premier healthcare provider for you and your family.
Other risk factors for specialized prenatal services during pregnancy include mothers who carry multiple babies (twins or triplets) and those women who have not been able to carry a pregnancy to term. The Hillcrest Healthy Beginnings Transport Team provides air transport service for high-risk OB patients.

At the Hillcrest Pregnancy Care Centers, an experienced nurse practitioner will create a personalized plan of care for your pregnancy based on you and your baby’s individual needs. As long as mom is healthy and able to exercise during pregnancy, research shows there are numerous benefits not only for mom, but also for baby while in utero.
Sign up to receive email updates on CareBridge, and automatically be entered to win an iPad! Labor of Love at Hillcrest is a free program for expectant mothers who choose to deliver at the Helmerich Women's Health Center. Helmerich High Risk Antepartum unit where women, who must spend part of their pregnancy on bedrest, can receive special prenatal health care during pregnancy.
These women require specialized prenatal care during pregnancy and the High Risk Antepartum unit provides this specialized care.

Lewis, patients will see Julie Styles, a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP), throughout the majority of their pregnancy for prenatal care. In addition, counseling and guidance are provided regarding various aspects of pregnancy, including weight gain, exercise, nutrition, and overall health.

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