Pregnancy foods to eat for a girl

Can pregnant women eat strawberries For sure – again another fruit packed with healthy ingredients. Please note that our responses are based on USDA food guidelines, research based information from Plunket and our own online research – we are not qualified medical doctors so please double check with your health care provider if you are at all unsure about a certain kind of food.
Almost all fruits and vegetables are good for pregnant women (and plenty of them) – check out the list of foods pregnant women can eat. Are there any benefits of eating pears during pregnancy Absolutely – pears are perfect during pregnancy although we are not aware of any specific advantages for mums-to-be of eating pears. Yes oats are another perfect food for a pregnant diet – great source of iron, energy and fibre.
Yes – cherries are great during pregnancy (especially if they are fresh and in season).

The basic food pyramid also applies to pregnant women although most agencies recommend an increased intake of fruit and vegetables (vitamins) as well as increased energy intake to help the baby grow. Walnuts are fine to eat during pregnancy as long as you don’t have any allergies to nuts. This is a controversial topic and some agencies recommend it while others state that liver is not safe to eat during pregnancy. Yes – tomatoes are fine to eat during pregnancy and provide a great source of Vitamins and lycopene. Some agencies recommend not eating nuts during pregnancy to avoid any allergic reactions once the baby is born but the scientific evidence is inconclusive. However walnuts should be consumed in moderation (not more than 10 or so at a time) as they can contain traces of cyanide when eaten fresh off the tree.

Rice is absolutely find during pregnancy and brown rice is even better (great source of iron). Some agencies recommend avoiding smoked salmon during pregnancy because of potential toxins from the smoking process.

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