Pregnancy exercise

Follow these basic exercise guidelines to make sure your pregnancy workout is working for you, not against you. Never exercise outdoors when the weather is very hot (stay indoors instead for your workout).
Make sure that you dress for exercise success (nothing too warm or too restrictive) and invest in a good sports bra. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend exercise during pregnancy.  According to a study done by Dr. Despite crippling morning sickness, I worked out religiously throughout my first pregnancy (as you do when you don't have any other kids to look after.) I also watched my weight yet gained 40 pounds, went two weeks over, and ended up having a C-section. Today, ACOG recognizes that working out is a vital part of staying healthy, and recommends that women with normal pregnancies get 30 minutes or more a day of moderate exercise on most (if not all) days.
How you exercise is almost beside the point: While no- or low-impact activities such as swimming or stationary cycling are ideal, most recreational activities can also be safe and effective.

James Clapp, a professor of reproductive biology at Case Western University, “infants born to women who exercised were significantly heavier and longer than those whose mothers did not exercise. True, I had no leg cramps, heart burn and many of the other symptoms I've heard about in pregnancy, and lost ALL my weight in 6 weeks (never to be repeated I might add), I would hate women to think that following your excellent advise is a guarantee of anything. These include gymnastics, downhill skiing, ice skating, vigorous racket sports (play doubles instead of singles), or horseback riding, as well as contact sports such as ice hockey, soccer, or basketball, and cycling in the latter part of your pregnancy. You'll need to modify your pregnancy workouts as your sense of balance shifts, and you'll probably also have to slow down to avoid taking a spill (especially once you can no longer see your feet). And if you're already a gym rat, remember that while pregnancy is a great time to maintain your fitness level, it's not a time to increase it. If you enjoy the company (and even if you don't enjoy the exercise quite as much), you're more likely to keep it up.
If you're a walker, for example, you'll feel more pressure on your hips and knees as your pregnancy progresses.

If you're in good health, your practitioner will likely encourage you to stay with your regular routine as long as you feel up to it, with certain modifications (especially if your regular routine has included pregnancy-taboo sports, like ice hockey). You'll also have to accommodate your pregnant body by avoiding any exercise that requires you to lie flat on your back or stand without moving (like some yoga and tai chi poses do) after the first trimester. But I remember one certain thing - I always felt better after I worked out and I was determined to stick to my routine of exercise because it was worth it.

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