Pregnancy eclampsia

It is unknown why some pregnant women develop pre-eclampsia, although some factors make development of the disease more likely (such as first pregnancy, family history of pre-eclampsia, pre-existing high blood pressure, multiple pregnancy). In Pre- eclampsia, the main cause for the symptoms such as swelling, high blood pressure, reduced blood flow to major organs such as the kidneys. The only known treatments for eclampsia or advancing pre-eclampsia are abortion or delivery, either by labor induction or Cesarean section. Antihypertensives(medication for high blood pressure) may reduce maternal and fetal mortality among pregnancy Patients with hypertension(High blood pressure). Labetolol or Nifedipine(both blood pressure drugs) are often the antihypertensives(medication for high blood pressure) of choice for eclampsia or pre-eclampsia, especially Labetolol as it has little placental transfer.

In some cases, women with pre-eclampsia or eclampsia can be stabilized temporarily with magnesium sulfate intravenously to prevent seizures while steroid injections are administered to promote fetal lung maturation. If left untreated, it can develop into eclampsia, the life-threatening occurrence of seizures during pregnancy. Therefore, once Pre Eclampsia is present, close monitoring of fetal welfare(heartbeat and regular ultrasounds) is important to ensure such problems do not become serious. However, post-partum pre-eclampsia may occur up to six weeks following delivery even if symptoms were not present during the pregnancy. The timing of delivery in cases of Pre Eclampsia which arise early in the second half of pregnancy can be particularly difficult, because a very premature fetus may be severely affected by Pre Eclampsia, but on the other hand, cannot be certain of survival outside the womb either.

It is the most common of the dangerous pregnancy complications; it may affect both the mother and fetus.

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