Pregnancy during lactation

Adequate dietary calcium intake during lactation meets the mother’s calcium needs and extra calcium requirement for breast milk production. Most of the lactating woman have lactation amenorrhea, resulting in saving of 1mg of iron per day which would otherwise lost in the menstrual blood.
Best-Prenatal-Vitamins-for-Pregnancyprenatal vitamins for pregnancy help boost the mother's ability to withstand the course and nature of gestation. Online Pregnancy Quizpregnancy quiz is a tool to assist the need of a woman to ascertain the possibility of pregnancy.
Pregnancy after Tubal Litigationpregnancy after tubal ligation happens only, when a woman decides to undergo a reversal operation. Is There an Abortion Pillabortion pill is a pharmaceutical product that can effectively terminate a growing fetus inside the pregnant mother's womb. Nutrition During Pregnancy and LactationNutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation is very important for the health of your baby. Dietary considerations during Pregnancy and LactationDiet during pregnancy and lactation should be chosen carefully as it is responsible for your child's health. Things-to-Help-you-Get-PregnantSay no to certain things and yes to others, to increase the chances of pregnancy. Ovulation Predictor KitsOvulation Prediction can help ascertain the right time to get pregnant.
Tips on Getting PregnantGetting pregnant can be very easy if you follow the important cues.

Fertility-and-Pregnancy-after-40Fertility and chances of pregnancy reduces drastically once a woman reaches 40 years.
Risks of Being pregnant Over 40Being pregnant Over 40 and delivering a baby has its own risks.
What is Birth Control Used forBirth control methods are basically used to avoid any unwanted pregnancies, but hey have their other uses also. Preventing Stretch Marks During PregnancyStretch marks appear in most women during pregnancy and you will probably try to prevent them or erase them later. Ultrasound for PregnancyUltrasound scan can help doctors identify possible problems and give some precious details about the developing baby in the womb. Pregnancy After MenopauseMenopause usually comes in your 50s, sometimes earlier but it marks the end of natural pregnancies although you can conceive thanks to IVF treatment. Morning Sickness and Its RemediesDuring the first semester pregnant women experience nausea often associated with vomiting.
Can Birth Control Stop PregnancyCombination of sexual intercourse with birth control can prevent pregnancy, while the reverse is also true. What is SurrogacySurrogacy is a term used more often to describe the practice of serving as a substitute for a woman who can't carry a pregnancy. Can Folic Acid Help You Get PregnantThe folic acid plays an important role in pregnancy as it can prevent neural tube defects and improve fertility.
Most Accurate Home Pregnancy TestsTesting early for pregnancy might be normal when you are eager to know if you are pregnant or not but it might not be very accurate.

Pregnancy Blood TestPregnancy Blood Test can tell about the health of your baby in the womb.
Some doctors suggest that it’s because of hormonal changes during weight as it happens most often in pregnant women and teens.
It’s pretty difficult to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy as there is no cream, balm or lotion to help you but there are a few tips of what you can do about it.
The cause of stretch marks is not the gain of weight during pregnancy but it’s about how fast it happens. There are some exercises meant to make pregnancy easier like soft stretches and other simple movements. The most obvious symptom is weight gain; most physicians now recommend a gain of about 9 to 12 kg by the end of pregnancy.
Thus we can say, stretch marks have got nothing to do with pregnancy, but it definitely is connected to the overstretch of the skin due to quick increase  in the body weight.

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