Pregnancy due date percentage

If and when you happen to get pregnant, your doctor will likely give you a date for when to expect your newborn to arrive. Keep in mind, this chart doesn't necessarily suggest that most women will give birth seven days before the traditional due date. The actual birth dates are spread around this 40 week due date in approximately normal distribution (bell curve). Four months after pregnancy tracking app developer Wildflower Health launched a program for Wyoming Medicaid beneficiaries, the startup reported that nearly 70 percent of enrollees are using the app’s main features. Wildflower Health has reached close to one third of estimated Medicaid pregnancies in Wyoming.

That works out to about one in every 30 women having their baby on the date they were told to expect the arrival. And it shows that length of pregnancy works out to be something like a bell curve, with a wide variation between different women in terms of gestation period.
Instead, it shows that 4.4 percent of women will give birth at that moment, which is a higher percentage (but certainly not a majority) of any other days in the two-month range.
That study, conducted by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, has similarly shown that just about 4 percent of women give birth on their due date, while 70 percent have their baby within 10 days of the predicted arrival. You can see that around 90% of babies are born within three weeks of their due date, and 21% are born within 3 days of it.

He took from Wikipedia the data about probability distribution of actual births with respect to their due date. The app, Due Date Plus, helps women keep track of their pregnancy with reminders, weekly ultrasound videos that show how the baby is supposed to look at each stage of the pregnancy, and daily advice. All was well except that a few months before he realized that the September 12th due date fell inconveniently close to a professional conference in Europe, which he organized.

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