Pregnancy doctor visits husband

OB VIP is an optional specialized program for our pregnant patients—and a big reason why our group is so different from the rest. Access to our Pregnancy Connect program, which offers you entree to the best businesses, services and organizations for pregnant and new moms.
So hopefully, if you are pregnant, you are already a Healthy Woman patient but if you are not, please make sure your questions are answered thoroughly and you feel supported by your practitioner. In general, though, you'll visit monthly during your first and second trimesters, then every other week until around 36 weeks, and finally, every week until the birth.

Baby-growth issues also tend to appear later in pregnancy, so your practitioner will want to measure your weight, belly size, and other growth indicators more often in the last trimester.
Many moms-to-be, faced with new information and tests at every visit, forget what they wanted to ask or share — only to remember afterward in the parking lot outside the office! All prenatal patients get a 24-week prenatal visit with myself or my husband to go through birth expectations and ensure that the experience can be just as she hopes it will be. Almost every week in the office, I see a new pregnant patient who is changing doctors because she did not realize that someone she did not know (who was covering for her doctor) did her previous delivery.

An ob-gyn, a family doctor trained in ob-gyn, or midwife is an expert on the hallmarks of a healthy pregnancy and the potential signs of trouble, so regular visits are an absolute must!

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