Pregnancy doctor appointment timeline

Now that the first prenatal visit is behind you, here's what to expect from your next set of prenatal appointments.
These visits will typically be shorter than the first prenatal appointment, during which you underwent all kinds of tests at once, but be sure to ask your practitioner what to expect at each visit so you can allot enough time for whatever needs to get done. Your doctor or midwife will assess the size of your uterus (vaginally, or by measuring your belly, or via an ultrasound) and weigh you to make sure your baby is growing well.

About 12 to 14 weeks into your pregnancy, your practitioner may take out the Doppler monitor, which bounces sound waves off your baby’s tiny ticker, allowing you to hear that sweet beat.
In addition, he or she will take your blood pressure and check your face, hands, and ankles for swelling, which can be a sign of preeclampsia, or high blood pressure during pregnancy. This will confirm how far along you are and give your doctor or midwife a good look at your baby to check that his spine, abdomen, heart, brain, and other baby parts are developing well.

Don't forget to write down your questions before each appointment and take notes while you’re there.

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