Pregnancy chances after tubal reversal

A primary concern is the risk of ectopic [tubular] pregnancy – it is greater after tubal ligation reversal than if your tubes had never been tied.
Early detection of an ectopic pregnancy means that it almost always can be treated without surgery. You will need to have your blood pregnancy levels (quantitative beta HCG) measured every other day for at least 3 levels to determine that the pregnancy is not a tubal pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies can be dangerous, even rarely fatal, but that is not why we are so concerned.

This is a very important final step in the process and one that can assure a healthy pregnancy and delivery for your baby.
Charles Monteith, Tubal Reversal A Personal Choice - Pioneered affordable, outpatient tubal ligation reversal surgery and is responsible for more tubal reversal surgeries and more tubal reversal babies born than any other doctor or facility worldwide. If that is positive, you need to get a quantitative blood pregnancy test [called an HCG test]. If you catch an ectopic pregnancy early, it can be treated with medicine and the tube is saved.

Sometimes our tubal reversal patients forget these things that we tell them about early pregnancy detection and I tell them to call us if that happens.

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