Pregnancy brain

Some hormones that are released in greater quantities during pregnancy protect the foetus from harmful effects of maternal stress. Neurochemical changes occur during pregnancy that support nerve sprouting in areas of the brain that are associated with right-sided function (see above) whilst helping decrease fear and stress. Looking specifically at memory, it has been found that verbal recall memory (but not recognition or working memory) diminishes during human pregnancy and that these decrements persist after parturition. Studies are showing that these changes in the maternal brain are substantial and permanent.

Physical findings to support the above – perhaps the most terrifying paper I read… Pregnant women experience a reduction in brain size (which is maximal at birth, and thankfully reversed by 6 months post-delivery). Speaking of brains, mine has nearly imploded from holding it together long enough to post this blog entry. It appears so – and it results from a combination of changes in gene expression, hormonal regulation and expression, neurochemistry, neuronal growth and activity, and even the actual size of the brain. Longitudinal metabolic changes in the hippocampus and thalamus of the maternal brain revealed by proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

Change in brain size during and after pregnancy: study in healthy women and women with preeclampsia.

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