Pregnancy baby dropping

Unless you opt for a Caesarian section, there is no exact way to predict when your baby will make his or her first appearance. The most exciting moment in birth is when you see your baby’s head for the first time. The baby is more likely to assume a different position if you’ve had children before.
Here’s how Joy Williamson described the experience of when does baby drop and the run up to labor.
Having the baby drop causes me to urinate more often, and the feeling of urination sometimes does not go away even right after I urinate.
When you get to know when does baby drop, not surprisingly, a lot of mothers will ask what they can do to speed up this process.
Taking several walks a day can move the baby and increase the pressure on the cervix to open. Using a birthing ball can help move the baby to the pelvis and increase the blood flow to the baby.
Dropping is a really good sign: it means the baby has engaged the presenting part (head) into the pelvis.

I've just spent the last five minutes trying to effectively balance my laptop on my bump, because Ste is watching the football and I'm bored out of my pregnant arse.
This occurs because multiple pregnancies can stretch the womb and the pelvis and give the baby more room to move around. The good news is that are a few things to do if you’re late into your pregnancy, usually around the 36th week. Someone who I've been dying to meet ever since I learnt of his existence and declared him a girl (sorry baby boy).
Generally speaking, if this is your first pregnancy, your baby is likely to drop (engage) between 34-36 weeks of pregnancy. The size of the baby, the amount of room inside the pelvis and the position of the placenta are among the factors that can affect the baby’s position. Many experts recommend that you use such a ball as much as you can during the last few weeks of pregnancy. Be careful, though, and don’t start doing squats unless you have been exercising throughout pregnancy.
Your baby will be resting lower, which is great news for your lungs, but bad news for your bladder.

I never realised people would be so lovely - especially when I've become a broken baby record. There will be less pressure on your stomach, and some of the side effects of pregnancy, like heartburn, should disappear. If this isn’t your first time, your baby might not drop until the day before you deliver. I know when he's here, I will feel differently about everything in life, not just work, but for now, it's a goodbye I'm both looking forward to (I'll be 39 weeks and two days pregnant on my last day and I need the rest) but feeling sad about too.
Im really looking forward to your first post after the baby is born as well as I know (or hope) you will write something simply awesome adorned with photos and with all the details of how painful it was but how it was all worth it in the end :) You'll do great!

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