Pregnancy announcement after infertility

January 3, 2014 by Amanda 9 Comments For the second time in my life I was staring at a positive pregnancy test. Back in April, when I became pregnant with our first baby, we’d just completed an IUI cycle and I was being monitored by my fertility specialist and OBGYN. As the weeks went on and my body responded well to the pregnancy, that guilty feeling weighed heavily on my heart.
This inward battle was most definitely driven by pregnancy hormones, and I know to some it is completely irrational. I felt guilty that our journey through infertility was, at least for a time, over, yet so many more are still muddling through that awful, lonely journey.
Oh I know this verse isn’t talking about crazy guilty feelings related to pregnancy after infertility or miscarriage. What’s up, after reading this amazing post i am too glad to share my knowledge here with mates. In 2012, after opening up about my three year journey through infertility, I decided to combine my desire for connecting like-minded women with my passion for story crafting and launched A Royal Daughter. After our miscarriage in May my husband and I decided that our hearts needed time to heal, and so we decided to take a break from fertility treatment and focus on healing and seeking God’s plan for our future. This new chapter is one for which we have prayed for many long years – and yet we were still so surprised to learn that we are pregnant! And as a woman who went through 10 years of infertility, my heart breaks for those who are still struggling as they read of your good news. I am fighting back tears at the memory of our conversations at influence regarding your journey through infertility, and that God was telling you to start talking about it – and the grace upon grace upon grace that God is sending you to influence this year with a little one of your own. When you have finally gotten pregnant after struggling with infertility, chances are you are over the moon with excitement and happiness.

Most couples who get pregnant after struggling with fertility issues feel a little nervous and unsure about calling attention to their pregnancies, especially if they have experienced pregnancy loss before. Another thing that complicates the situation is that previously infertile couples often have many friends who are dealing with infertility as well, and they need a way to announce their pregnancy without calling attention to their friends’ fertility issues. Many couples, understandably, want to wait until their pregnancies have progressed beyond the first trimester before announcing their pregnancy. It is very normal for couples to have mixed emotions about announcing their pregnancies, even when they are overjoyed to be pregnant. Couples should keep in mind that when it comes time to announce their pregnancy, they need to do whatever is right for them, and not anyone else. I wish it was a little more like in the movies where the happy little wife finds out she’s pregnant and she joyfully surprises her unsuspecting husband with the good news. Now, nearly three years later, I am an infertility survivor, a mama to my sweet redemption baby, and sharing the story that God is writing in my life. While I don’t enjoy the morning (er, all day) sickness, I am thankful for strong pregnancy symptoms! I know pregnancy announcements elicit a mixture of emotions, and I know that one of those emotions is grief for your own struggle.
While the pregnancy symptoms are great, I hope you feel good enough to enjoy the conference this weekend…I can’t wait to see you and give you a real hug!! Most pregnancy losses occur in the first trimester, so many couples like to keep things under wraps until after then. If a woman is especially heavily involved in fertility circles, such as message boards or support groups, she might feel guilty about announcing her pregnancy and worry about what the other women will feel.
They still know how those things feel, they have been there, and they have dealt with the pain and agony of infertility.

Whatever you decide to do about announcing your pregnancy, that is the right thing to do for you! That blood work was repeated several times, and it didn’t enter my mind to take a home pregnancy test until it was well-established that I was pregnant. I am thankful that my body is responding normally and naturally to the hormonal changes that come with pregnancy. Infertility will always be a part of our story, and those who walk with me, before, and behind me on this road will always be close to my heart.
I will keep you and that little babe in the back of my mind and in my prayers for a healthy, full term pregnancy. Sometimes, when a couple has had a really difficult time conceiving, or has experienced pregnancy loss in the past, they might not be comfortable revealing that they are expecting until the pregnancy is visibly obvious. Still, it is totally normal to have conflicting emotions when it comes to announcing a pregnancy. That I would be experiencing pregnancy after infertility – especially so soon after a miscarriage – was not even a thought in mind! I took the home pregnancy test because I knew it was time to call my doctor, and I knew he would ask if I’d taken a pregnancy test.

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