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This is a fascinating read which rather than taking us through the usual month by month of pregnancy, looks at some of the myths sounding pregnancy and presents some scientific fact. I think I’ll be one of those people who buys like a hundred books and just immerses myself in it all. 1-2-1 CoachingLet me support you to improve your relationship with food, lose excess weight, maximise your energy levels and quite simply feel amazing! Also another friend is a hypno-birthing coach, as part of the mongan method, and hearing her speak about how natural child birth is and how it can actually be an amazing experience not some fear fuelled one has totally changed by view to giving birth!
It feels like little nudges in my lower abdomen and like something is swimming about in there, which of course it is! The style of the writing is also much more friendly than other books here, I felt like I was reading the thoughts of a good friend.

It really is a refreshing read and gave me a lot of perspective on some common pregnancy old wives tales. Other than that not much else to report, no sickness or anything thankfully and I do feel like the tiredness is easing off. It covers pre conception nutrition and lifestyle as well as some things to eat and avoid during pregnancy, all with the aim of creating a healthier baby. This book really helped me start and trust my body to carry and deliver this baby, and it was that realisation that got me so emotional.
It highlighted that as much as modern medicine is amazing and saves so many lives, that is at a price, and what was once a highly community and female orientated experience, has become more and more a medicalised experience with the involvement of male doctors. It is an incredibly detailed book, so if you like a lot of information then it could be good for you.

The book is really comprehensive and as well as lightly covering the development of the baby and month by month thoughts and feelings covers nutrition, exercise and posture, the need for rest, common pregnancy issues and concerns, building an emotional bond and one of the things that attracted me to the book, all sorts about herbs and their uses. It also talks about expecting multiples, after the baby is born, a section for Fathers and a whole chapter on managing a complicated pregnancy, or basically what could go wrong.
One thing I did add after reading the book was some non gmo soya lecithin for the added nutrients.
Also covered is are environmental factors such as moulds and toxins, reducing stress and giving birth.

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