Pregnancy & birth the essential checklists

This is the stage where it looks like you’ve spent a bit too much time at the fast food drive-in window. When I was pregnant I remember being struck by the fact that the only thing people wanted to talk to me about was me bring pregnant, or baby related topics.
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Until now, scientists had thought that birth much before after a due date was likely to be down to poor estimates of conception, if the pregnancy was healthy. Older women delivered later, with each year of age adding roughly one day to a pregnancy, while those who were heavier when they themselves were born tended to have longer gestations. Women who develop high blood pressure or gestational diabetes during pregnancy may face a greater risk of having these conditions again later in life, a study suggests.
They found that women who had high blood pressure during pregnancy were more than twice as likely to have it later as women who didn't experience this complication when they were younger. In addition, women who developed diabetes during pregnancy had a four-times-higher risk of developing diabetes again later on. And among women who developed diabetes or hypertension later in life, those problems typically got recognized earlier if they had previously experienced the conditions during pregnancy, researchers found. Overall, almost 6,200 of the women in the study, or about 28 percent, had hypertension, or high blood pressure, while pregnant and almost 1,100, or 5 percent, had gestational diabetes.
In the intervening years, there were more than 2,500 cardiovascular events, including about 1,500 caused by heart disease and 720 due to stroke. Women with high blood pressure during pregnancy were diagnosed with hypertension around age 44 on average, about eight years earlier than women who developed hypertension without having had it during pregnancy. Women who had gestational diabetes were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a form of the disease linked to obesity and aging, around age 53, about eight years earlier than women without a history of diabetes during pregnancy. The main limitation of the study is its reliance on the women to accurately recall and report whether they had high blood pressure or diabetes during pregnancies that occurred many years before the start of the study, the authors acknowledge in the journal Hypertension. In addition, high blood pressure is riskier when it develops earlier in pregnancy, and researchers didn't have data on the timing of this complication.

Women can minimize their risk of these complications by starting pregnancy at a normal body weight, and, if they get these conditions while pregnant, by working with their doctor to improve their diet and lifestyle, said Deirdre Tobias, a researcher at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School who wasn't involved in the study.
ISIS is Perpetrating Mass Genocide Against Christians - But The World Doesn't Care, Says Rev. In fact, the research is pretty clear that exercise during pregnancy provides numerous health benefits to both mother and child.
The evidence in favor of exercise during pregnancy is so strong that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) encourages pregnant women to do moderate exercise for 30 minutes or more every single day. Studies have even shown that very physically active women can benefit from continuing their high volume exercise routines, as much as 9 hours per week, into pregnancy.
Remember, your first responsibility while pregnant is to create the optimal environment for your baby. Another strategy is to keep your body temperature under 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius), especially during the third trimester. Just to be on the safe side, avoid exercise in extremely hot or humid conditions (including hot yoga) and always remain hydrated during exercise.
Further, avoid traditional recovery modalities like saunas, hot tubs, and steam showers during pregnancy. During pregnancy, certain exercise limitations are obvious; contact sports and sprinting are out.
So, higher impact activities and other exercises that increase soft tissue risk should therefore be minimized. For example, if you take classes, either stick with those designed specifically for pregnant women or those that don’t include high-impact work like plyometrics. Further, choose activities that create less joint stress such as swimming, elliptical exercise, stair climbing, walking, and riding the stationary bike. Avoid using momentum to move the weights; make sure to lift and lower with your prime mover muscles. People think of them as hippy witch doctors, and wonder if I’ll be giving birth behind a bush.

After my second child was born, I craved sleep the same way I craved sugar while I was pregnant. Women with this problem during pregnancy were also more likely to develop cardiovascular disease. Women who have this pregnancy complication, however, are less likely to enter the study at an older age because they have a higher risk of future disease and poorer survival rates. However, other exercises are permissible as long as you consider the changes happening in your body.
The one piece of “advice” I get the most often that grates on my nerves is “get sleep while you still can”. Young and older kids alike will love the photo fun stickers and borders to commemorate special moments, too! Exercising while flat on the back can diminish blood flow to both your brain and to your uterus.
It’s not like I can stockpile on sleep and, when those sleepless nights with the baby hit, reminisce on how wonderful it was to sleep in.
But because I was so paranoid about my pregnancy, I’d google any small thing I was worried about and would often be scared out of my wits by what I was reading. I never cried with happiness when I found out I was pregnant, and for most of my pregnancy I was more terrified than excited.
Being full-term and knowing that the baby will come at any time now, though, I have to say I’m jazzed about the next stage in my life and looking forward to when the baby comes.

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