Pre pregnancy diet what should you do

Iron rich food: Green leafy vegetables, meat, pulses and dried fruits can provide you with the required amount to transit into a healthy pregnancy. Cease caffeine and alcohol: This is the time to wean your body from espresso and vodka shots. Never skip meals: Whether your work pressure demands this or mood swing, do not skip any meals. These foodstuffs help in healthy development of baby’s nervous system, relieve morning sickness and ensure sufficient blood supply for you and your baby. If you are one of the lucky ladies to bear two babies in one go, you must be more careful about your diet.
The diet for ladies pregnant with twin doesn’t differs significantly from those pregnant with single baby. Rather than going by weighing scale and specified calories, listen to your body, eat when you are hungry and eat healthy. Prohibit these foods Diet coke, fruit juices, desserts (even those made with sugar free) and milk in some cases. Arrange frequent check-up with your obstetrician and immediately inform if you feel weak or giddy. When trying to conceive it is important to review your diet to ensure you're eating healthily. Being overweight or underweight will make it more difficult to conceive, so aim to get to an appropriate weight for your height by eating a varied diet that's full of good, fresh food, exercising and avoiding over-eating and under-eating. Fresh foods - make your meals from fresh ingredients and steer clear of processed ready meals which are often high in salt, sugar and fat. Carbohydrates - low-carb diets that focus heavily on protein and very little or no carbs are not so good when you're trying for a baby.
Too much vitamin A - liver is a no-no and fish liver oils and any multivitamins with vitamin A should be avoided.
Alcohol - government recommendations say that alcohol intake should be minimised when you are trying to conceive. As well as eating well, you should stop smoking and do some exercise to prepare your body for the stresses and strains of pregnancy and motherhood.

Swimming, walking and yoga are all good, as well as aerobic exercise, which will build up your stamina.
Pre-eclampsia – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Pre-eclampsia or preeclampsia (pe) is a disorder of pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure and a large amount of protein in the urine the disorder usually. Since most women in India are anemic, it’s preferable to get the Blood count done and discuss the report with your doctor. Depending on your physical condition, she may be able to throw more light on your dietary needs. Well, this is not a right way as the baby does not need a complete adult diet for growth and development.
However your obstetrician may recommend extra folic acid, vitamin, calcium, Vitamin D and iron supplements. If sugar is not broken down then the content of sugar becomes high and this may harm your baby.
By making sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs - and avoiding all the unhealthy stuff - you will improve your chances of getting pregnant and give your body the best building blocks to make a baby. Bigger fish that swim deeper in the sea contain high levels of mercury, which could have an adverse effect on your baby's nervous system.
Knowing the benefits of exercise can be really helpful as the more we benefit from exercise, the more motivated we are.When most people reach their weight loss goal, they understand realize that exercise really does work and that can keep you motivated. And hence, you must feed the new life through your own body and within your body for those nine months. Remember, Caffeine is not only present in coffee but also in chocolates, cold drinks and even green tea. So for women carrying twins, this should range between 150-300 calories more for the second twin.
Listen to the ideal weight you should attain when pregnant with twins, however this varies from individual to individual. Eat a nutritious, balanced diet rich in folic acid, calcium, iron, omega 3 fatty acids as well as iodine.
You need to take particular care and consult your obstetrician and professional dietitian for your diet.

Complex carbohydrates that give slow-release energy are best, so opt for wholegrain bread, pasta and rice if you can and approach simple carbs, based on white flour and sugar, with caution and eat them only in small amounts.
Tuna has lower mercury levels but intake should be limited to no more than two portions of fresh tuna steak a week or up to four medium cans.
There are no guidelines for pre-pregnancy but once you do get pregnant you are advised to only have 200mg a day because of the increased risk of miscarriage.
In this early stage your hormones and emotions will be very highly charged and exercise is a great way to relieve any pressure you may be under.Pelvic floor exercises are key throughout pregnancy, and will support recovery after the birth. Most elders insist on eating double the quantity and they merry in feeding whatever the pregnant lady demands, be it fried chicken or pani puri!
Actually, you need only 300 extra calories everyday during the second trimester and 450 each day during the final trimester. Remember a lot of soft drinks and some medicines contain caffeine so it's not just tea and coffee you need to cut back on.
If you are overweight, or underweight, your needs and food can vary, depending on how much is optimum. The old school of thought may translate the need of eating during pregnancy to in take of empty calories in the form of sweets, ghee and oil etc. This is why many women struggle to lose baby weight, because it is not just the amount gained through pregnancy but additional weight besides this.Pelvic Floor Exercises are key throughout pregnancy [GETTY]POSTNATALAfter giving birth, you can go back to exercise within six to 12 weeks. Knowing that you are meeting a friend to go for a jog or to attend an exercise class will ensure that you attend regularly as neither of you will want to let each other down. Tricep Dips, these work your shoulders, abs and back, keeping you stable.There are a few conditions where you should not exercise at all.

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