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The Catholic Church recognizes several patron saints of pregnancy and childbirth.  These saints offer the inspiration of their example, as well as their intercessions* for us here on earth. Saint Raymond Nonnatus (also known as Raimundo Nonato) is the Patron Saint of Childbirth, Expectant Mothers, Pregnant Women, Midwives, and Babies.
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No where in the bible does it say we need an intercessor to pray, speak, and have a true relationship with God .
Hi i was searching for patron saint for conceiving a child as im praying for a colleague who is non-christian by the way and trying to have a baby for the longest time and i stumbled on your blog. Margaret (also called Marina) of Antioch is the Patron Saint of Pregnant Women and Childbirth.

I also believe that we received God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and most of my prayer time is spent in talking with God and Jesus. I’ve been looking for prayers and patron saints who I can ask for intercession for the pregnancy of my wife. I have just entered my second trimester and have been looking for different saints who are associated with pregnancy. Mary gave birth to Jesus alone (or with only her husband Joseph to help her) in a stable, and also endured a long journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem while pregnant. She can thus be looked to as a woman who understands difficult pregnancies and labours, and can intercede before God on behalf of women today. Brigit of Ireland was a great source of inspiration and encouragement during my second pregnancy.

I don’t need the saints to pray to God, but I do appreciate having friends to pray for me. Because of a miracle that happened when one woman in labour asked him to pray for her, many other women asked him to pray for them while they were in labour. I often ask my mom, my husband, and other close Christian friends to pray for me; and I believe that, just as they can pray for me, so can the saints up in heaven.

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