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As it turned out, my love for fashion emerged as the main theme although I do envy food blogs…if only I could cook!
I really enjoy Jeannie’s blog and the beautiful ensembles (and amazing accessories!) she puts together. Thanks for the feature Sylvia, I really like Jeannie’s style and will enjoy a good look at her blog too. I love Jeannie and her blog and it is wonderful, Sylvia, that you introduced Jeannie to other readers! Find inspiration from other 40+ women, check out our tips on how to dress after 40 and find out how to find your unique style. When Nora transitioned from the corporate world to working at home as a style blogger and entrepreneur, she had to adapt her wardrobe accordingly. Nora is the founder of Jacket Society, a line of stylish and functional jackets and blazers that are classic, easy to wear, and perfect for women over 40. So I’m delighted that I can present another of my favorite bloggers Jeannie to you today.

It was an impulsive act on my part, because I had no clue as to how to start a blog or really what to blog about.
Your blog is a tremendous encouragement for those of us struggling to find a place to share and express ourselves in this youth centered fashion world.
These days there’s not much difference between her weekday and weekend wardrobe which she describes as casually stylish. Visit Jacket Society to view the product collection and to read Nora’s blog where she incorporates her jackets into her everyday wardrobe.
Boston-based style blogger Lissy adds a vibrant touch to her white pants with this geometric print blouse and matching jacket, both from Diane von Furstenberg.
She enjoys making her small contribution to the world of fashion blogging, so check her out. As a special thank you for being here, I would like to give you a free style guide. You can get it here.
Take a look at how cool, confident and pulled together these 40+ style bloggers look in crisp summer white.

Style blogger Beverly has gone for a minimalist look with white wide leg pants and a relaxed top from Michael Kors.
It was an eye opening experience as I was blown away by the enormity of the blogging world!
My style has always been on the classic side, but I began to experiment more with colors and trends. Be sure to visit Beverly at her blog Beverly Like Hills where she tries to find the balance between being to young to be old and too old.

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