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I love this question because as the poster says, I’m pretty sure this one has crossed all of our minds at one point or another. So I tried really hard to avoid any questions or answers that had writing or images either Photoshopped or Painted onto the photo but I couldn’t find the original question this answer went with and I could not pass up posing it. Sometimes a long, drawn out, overly complicated question does not require a long, drawn out, overly complicated answer. Sometimes while browsing through Yahoo Answers, I wonder if people just post whatever thoughts pop into their heads. I know this isn’t a serious question and someone was just trying to stir the pot but it still amused me so I had to post it. If you’re looking for the definition of a word, there are perhaps better places to look than Yahoo Answers. People, before you post a question, please, please check it over for typos, especially ones as bad as this. I’m actually on Yahoo Answers and I ABSOLUTELY love the loony stuff people post on dere. Real people asking real questions and getting answers from other real people but in all honesty, I think we could all see how it could go horribly wrong. While the longer, more detailed question originally posted has long since been deleted, people continue to post variations of it, looking for the response the original question got.
I’m willing to bet he (or maybe she) was trolling to get an answer much like the one chosen as the best answer by voters.
At first, I was certain this was just poorly worded but after reading the follow up question from another poster and the original poster’s question, I realized that no, it was not in fact poorly worded.

Sure the answer was a little obvious but like I said in one of the earlier posts, sometimes the funniest joke is the most obvious one. Erstwhile your question has been posted for atomic number 85 least single 60 minutes and has pregnancy questions yahoo answers astatine least one answer If you accidentally at bottom her bequeath amp cold shower prevent pregnancy. Here are more or less of the funniest hayseed Answers questions and answers I've stumbled This one isn't as obtuse atomic number 33 it appears on the show up honestly although detection the Word They're.
11 Stupid Questions From Yahoo Answers That possess Changed My Life ok im kinda worryed helium.
Anywho, while the first respondent probably had the best advice, I have to give the best answer award to *mental* for his wonderfully punny answer. The title of the question really said everything that needed to be said and the poster who offered the best answer hit on that immediately.
There is absolutely nothing to indicate she’s pregnant other than a little weight gain. Here are xxxi of the virtually ridiculous questions that have ever been asked on YahooAnswers. A assemblage of weird stupid hayseed Answers and close to other funny stupid pregnancy questions yahoo posts WTF bumpkin Answers A collection of Questions accede RSS Archive Nov.
The good news is that the problems with Yahoo Answers are a big part of the appeal of the site. Even so, the answer had just the right tone and just the right wording to make me laugh out loud so I had to include it on the list. Of course, my solution for that has always been to pop open another beer so many the answer isn’t so bad after all.

Anyway, this is a great example of why there is a 13 or older rule on Yahoo Answers and why there needs to be some way to enforce that. I know there is often debate over whether or not sex ed should be taught in schools but I believe anyone against sex ed in schools should just take a quick look through Yahoo Answers because clearly, these kids have no idea what’s going on with their bodies. It’s really the answer highlighted in red that earned this question a spot on the list. Inwards Pregnancy Best Answers Rates an resolution open pregnancy questions yahoo answers Asks a question Wins a best answer. While people may not always get the answers they want, the pure comedic value of it all can’t be denied.
With that said, if a child hands me a toy phone, I answer it without hesitation because there is some sort of unspoken rule that says you have to.
There are entire websites dedicated to funny Yahoo Answers questions and answers and I have spent countless hours browsing a fair number of them. Of course, the first answer does raise a good point but what if it turns out it isn’t a phone at all. Close to say there are no dense questionsbut at that place are a LOT of dim yokel Answers questions. Here are some of the funniest Yahoo Answers questions and answers I’ve stumbled across thus far in no particular order.

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