Oldest natural conception in australia

Gold Coast woman Anthea Nicholas is believed to be Australia's oldest natural mother, at 50. A Gold Coast woman has become what is believed to be Australia's oldest natural first-time mother, giving birth at 50.
Anthea Nicholas and her husband Paul Byrnes, 54, had a "one in several million" chance of falling pregnant, Ms Nicholas' doctor told the Australian Women's Weekly.

Australian Women's Weekly editor Helen McCabe said she hadn't been able to confirm if Ms Nicholas held the record for being the oldest natural mother in Australia. Last year, a woman believed to be Australia's oldest mother gave birth to twins via IVF in Perth at the age of 57. Australian cricket ledged Glen McGrath has spoken about the moment he thought he might lose his wife, Sara and their baby daughter, Madison.

Australia's peak childcare body has called for caution around the Turnbull government's push for childcare centres to charge parents by the hour, not by the day.

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