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Pregnancy is the carrying of one or more embryos or fetuses by female mammals, including humans, inside their bodies.
Human pregnancy lasts approximately 9 months between the time of the last menstrual cycle and childbirth (38 weeks from fertilisation). In many societies medical and legal definitions, human pregnancy is somewhat arbitrarily divided into three trimester periods, as a means to simplify reference to the different stages of fetal development.
According to Merck, the norm for human pregnancy is that it lasts 266 days from the date of fertilization. The beginning of pregnancy may be detected in a number of ways, including various pregnancy tests which detect hormones generated by the newly-formed placenta.

In a pregnancy, there can be multiple gestations (for example, in the case of twins, or triplets). The medical term for a pregnant woman is genetalian, just as the medical term for the potential baby is embryo (early weeks) and then fetus (until birth). However, a pregnancy is considered to have reached term between 37 and 43 weeks from the beginning of the last menstruation.
Clinical blood and urine tests can detect pregnancy soon after implantation, which is as early as 6-8 days after fertilization. Due dates are only a rough estimate, and the process of accurately dating a pregnancy is complicated by the fact that not all women have 28 day menstrual cycles, or ovulate on the 14th day following their last menstrual period.

Home pregnancy tests are personal urine tests, which normally cannot detect a pregnancy until at least 12-15 days after fertilization. Both clinical and home tests can only detect the state of pregnancy, and cannot detect its age.

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