Nausea when trying to get pregnant

Last June, the devastating condition hit the headlines when 34-year-old mother-of-one Cheryl Harrison, from East Yorkshire, told the Daily Mail of her decision to abort her baby at nine weeks after vomiting up to 40 times a day. Her story prompted an avalanche of responses from readers ranging from outrage to sympathy, and today Cheryl admits not a day goes by when she doesn’t think of her unborn child.
She talks of love at first sight, of how kind and gentle he was with her girls — and how understanding he was when she told him about her termination.They moved in together and married in August 2008.

Psychologist Dr Brian Swallow, co-coordinator of the Pregnancy Sickness Support conference, says too many doctors trivialise morning sickness.‘Hyperemesis gravidarum can be far more serious than anyone realises,’ says Dr Swallow, who is based at the University of Lincoln.
We need a national protocol to offer counselling and support.’In the meantime, Claire must hope she copes rather better with her next pregnancy, if it comes.

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