Natural remedy for dry cough during pregnancy

Congestion due to cough and cold is common in many women during pregnancy due to the swelling of the nasal passages. However, there are a number of ways to treat dry cough and make pregnancy a smooth sailing one, without any hazards. Inhalation of steam in a steam vaporizer, humidifier, or steaming kettle is totally safe during pregnancy.
The time can be slowly extended to 30 minutes if it is not so uncomfortable but the pregnant mothers are advised not to stay inside the tent if it becomes unbearably hot.

Taking a hot shower or sitting inside the bathroom with the hot shower running also helps to breathe in warm damp air.This damp air is extremely helpful in treating the irritation caused by dry cough. Mix honey in a hot drink and drink it before going to bed.This is a helpful remedy for dry cough.
The liquids can include juices, soups as well as water.Chicken soup is best remedy for dry cough. Hence, take it in three small intervals and you could notice the easing off the cough soon after.

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