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A common concern for moms-to-be is how to maintain a lustrous hair color through nine months of pregnancy without exposing the unborn child to potential toxins found in conventional hair dyes. AS PREGNANT Kate Middleton stepped out sporting a few strands of silver hair earlier this week, we examine the dangers of dyeing your locks when expecting. Pregnancy is a beautiful but also very delicate period in the life of every woman, especially the hair can undergo many changes, becoming weak in the early months and more resistant bracing, fed, more shining and bright as well. The classic hair dying in pregnancy is usually not recommended: if you want to change the color or if you want to cover a little white hair that inevitably peep on your neck, best avoid it during the nine months the chemical, opting for products that are natural base.
In fact researchers have never conducted scientific studies about possible problems related to hair dying in pregnancy.
If you just cannot help but dye your hair in pregnancy you should contact your trusted hairdresser asking to use a product that is as natural as possible. Even though this may seem like a minor occurrence, when a woman is pregnant and her emotions are running high, changes in her hair can be a huge problem.
Other women tend to have frizzy hair while they are pregnant because their oil-producing glands may either speed up or slow down depending on their specific hormonal changes.
Although there is little that you can do to change how your hair reacts to pregnancy, it may be beneficial to talk it over with your stylist and your doctor to see if there is a solution. There are some natural products that may work to dye your hair and that are safe while you are pregnant, but it is still best to look at all the ingredients and talk them over with your doctor before you begin using them. Before you begin using any product on your hair, it is best to discuss the ingredients with your doctor so that you will know how it will affect your pregnancy and if there any risks involved with it. Having a miscarriage is a stressful experience whether you were trying to become pregnant or not. Often pregnant women are wondering if dying the colors of your hair during pregnancy is possible.

It must be said, however, the dye-based chemistry can have a very strong substances that can pass through the skin and might somehow get to the fetus through the placenta.
Avoid them anyway in the first three months of pregnancy, the most delicate period of the pregnancy. There are many sleepless nights as well as changes to our hormones, skin and even our hair. When a woman is pregnant, she still wants to feel beautiful and if her hair and skin are wreaking havoc on her normal routine this may feel like it is impossible. Changes to the hair are common and even though they are temporary a woman still wants to look her best and these changes may be quite bothersome for some women who are pregnant. In order to understand what’s going on with our hair, sometimes we need to dig a little deeper to find the cause of the issue.
For example, women are prone to having thicker hair while they are pregnant because estrogen tends to extend the resting phase that our hair normally goes through. There are many products on the market today that may be able to help with this situation and that are also safe to use while you are pregnant. A couple of the things that are often debated is using hair coloring and perms while pregnant.
Having a perm completed while you are pregnant is also a huge debate, but most doctors do agree that you should wait until after your first trimester. While this can be frustrating for some, but nice for others you should keep in mind that the effects that pregnancy has on your hair are most likely fleeting. Avoid products containing ammonia and resorcinol, which could cause damage to the skin in sensitive subjects. Many of these changes are affected by the hormones that our growing stomachs cause to our bodies and while some can be quite irritating and difficult to handle, some simply make pregnancy fun and exciting.

This means that older hair stays in place longer than it would if we were pregnant and that new hair is not able to grow in its place. This is another topic that you should talk to your doctor about before you have any hair coloring your perm process completed, especially during your first trimester. After you give birth, it is also likely that your hair will go through a bit more changes as it becomes brittle and it begins to break off.
This occurs anywhere from 2 to 6 years, after which the hair enters what is known as a resting phase. This phase last couple of months before the hair falls out and new hair grows in its place. Parabens are preservatives that mimic the hormone estrogen -- potentially problematic during pregnancy when the body is already facing challenges brought on by hormonal turmoil.
Resorcinol is highly toxic and dangerous if absorbed into the bloodstream, and therefore pregnant women should completely avoid its use.
It's also advisable to avoid products that contain resorcinol if you are planning to conceive, as it can collect in fat cells and release into the bloodstream at a later time. However, gray hairs sometimes appear to sprout overnight, and if you are used to promptly covering your gray, you may feel reluctant to break this habit during pregnancy. Mazer recommends using a reputable brand of organic hair dye, which contains natural ingredients and is safer for moms-to-be than hair dyes that are chemically based. A patch test is highly recommended before using any hair-dye product, and is especially important during pregnancy "when women's bodies can sometimes react to substances in unexpected ways," Dr.

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