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Natural fertility is a part of my job that I find very rewarding and am extremely passionate about. I was delighted to receive this email from one of my clients today documenting her fertility journey. I had previously been a client of Denise for other issues so I decided to contact Denise again about fertility. Like most couples experiencing fertility problems we bought all the usual ovulation kits, started temperature testing etc.

Galway Fertility’s approach is to provide the least invasive, most effective treatment option for patients to maximise their chance of conception. In 10-20% of couples no cause will be found, this is called Unexplained Infertility, which can be particularly frustrating for those concerned. Galway Fertility clinic offers a range of treatment to address the above issues. The fertility specialist will review your medical history, including any tests you may have recorded with your GP. The egg then survives for around 24 hours during which time it moves into the fallopian tube and awaits fertilisation by sperm – this is your fertile time.

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