Methods of preventing unwanted pregnancy

Birth control techniques and methods to prevent fertilization or pregnancy and STDs have been tested and used for decades and have now improved in their effectiveness.
Contraception, also known as the barrier method, includes diaphragm, cervical cap, cervical shield, male condom, female condom, and spermicidal foam, sponge, gel, suppository, or film.
Breast-feeding is certainly found effective to prevent immediate pregnancy after an earlier childbirth, provided certain guidelines be followed as per lactation amenorrhea method. Understanding and educating about fertility awareness would go a long way in preventing unwanted pregnancy.
Interrupted sexual intercourse, medically known as coitus interruptus, is a method in which the man withdraws or pulls out his penis just before ejaculation at the end of a sexual intercourse. Staying away from the act of sexual intercourse is considered the best, 100 percent safe and traditional method. In case of unwanted and unexpected pregnancy, suction aspiration method can be done in the first trimester to remove the fetus. Decide which of these nine birth control methods — from condoms to hormone shots — is the best one for your lifestyle to prevent unplanned pregnancies. Women who seek birth control often find themselves needing or wanting different birth control methods as they go through lifestyle changes.
Barrier methods block the sperm from reaching the egg in the uterus during sexual intercourse. Women on antibiotics may want to talk to a doctor about a backup method of birth control if they need to take antibiotics.

This piece of plastic contraception contains progestin and is inserted by your doctor under the skin of the upper arm to prevent pregnancy for three years.
This small plastic device with cooper wire wrapped around its stem is placed inside the uterus by a doctor to prevent pregnancy. These nine birth control methods will help you decide which one is best for your current lifestyle to prevent unwanted pregnancies. There are a number of methods, which can be selected as per the individual need with the advice of an authorized medical practitioner.
The two popular surgical sterilization methods are tubal ligation for women by reconnecting the fallopian tubes and vasectomy for men by reconnecting vasa deferentia.
Although birth control is available for all women, they are not one-size-fits-all, and it can even become overwhelming trying to figure out which method to use.
Using a barrier method with spermicide can give partners the best possible barrier method protection. If women who have never given birth always use the sponge as directed, according to Planned Parenthood, nine out of 10 will become pregnant each year. Hormonal methods use various types of female hormones to prevent ovulation so it cannot be fertilized by sperm from a man. Women who plan to become pregnant should plan ahead of time if they opt to use these hormone shots.
However, it is advisable to use alternate barrier method in the initial stages of starting these pills.

To effectively prevent unwanted pregnancy, and plan the timing of the pregnancy, decide which of these nine types of birth control is the perfect fit for your sex life.
The spermicide kills most of the sperm that enters the vagina, while the barrier method blocks any possible remaining sperm from passing through the cervix from fertilizing an egg. However, if women who have never given birth don’t always use the sponge as directed, 12 out of 100 will become pregnant each year.
Approximately one million teens became pregnant every year where 78 percent of them do not plan to become pregnant. They can also follow the calendar-based methods like rhythm method and standard days’ method depending on the length of past menstrual cycles. But with typical use, 18 percent of users will become pregnant after one year,” said Sally Rafie, PharmD, and an assistant clinical professor of health sciences at the University of California, San Diego, Skaggs School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences told Medical Daily in an email. These unwanted and unplanned pregnancies can be well avoided if taken precautionary birth control steps. Not just avoiding unplanned pregnancies, but prevention against sexually transmitted diseases is equally crucial.

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