Medicine for avoid pregnancy

Knowing how to prevent pregnancy can seem daunting, especially since there are so many birth control options to choose from. An added benefit of condoms is that they protect both parties from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) as well as pregnancy. Some people define abstinence as abstaining from all sexual contact, but in order to prevent pregnancy, only vaginal intercourse needs to be avoided. Abstinence requires strong willpower, and some people might find it difficult to rely on this birth control method for long periods of time. Fertility awareness often involves three different ways for calculating fertility: the calendar method, the mucus method, and the temperature method.
Emergency contraception should not be a replacement for regular birth control; it's a last resort to be take after unprotected sex.
A nicotine substitute which can be bought online for 12p more than triples a smoker's chances of quitting for at least a year, research has shown.Tabex, which contains the active ingredient cytisine, is obtained from laburnum seeds. The origins of the drug can be traced to German and Russian soldiers in World War II who smoked laburnum leaves when they ran out of nicotine.But despite four decades of use in eastern Europe, the pills are unlikely to be available on prescription in the UK for another two to three years. They can legally be bought online, but experts fear this leaves customers at risk of scammers selling poor quality counterfeit drugs.The British scientist who led the recent Tabex trial spoke of the 'Alice in Wonderland' regulatory system responsible for the delay.

The low overall success rates reflected how hard it was even for motivated smokers to quit, said the researchers.However Professor West said his team was 'extremely encouraged' by the results, published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
Birth control pills, often referred to in shorthand as "the Pill," consist of synthetic estrogen and progestin hormones that keep a woman's eggs from leaving her ovaries, so that pregnancy can't happen.[4] When taken properly, they are extremely effective. A small rod is inserted in the arm, and it releases hormones to prevent pregnancy for up to three years.
Abstaining from vaginal intercourse prevents pregnancy by preventing the man's semen from coming into contact with the woman's egg. If you forget to check mucus or temperature for a few days, you may miscalculate the days during which sex should be avoided.
Surgery is conducted to close off the fallopian tubes in a process called tubal ligation, preventing the possibility of pregnancy.
Men may choose to undergo a process that blocks their vas deferentia, through which sperm flow, preventing them from mixing with semen.[9] When the man ejaculates, his semen does not contain sperm, making it impossible for him to get a woman pregnant. Also called Plan B, emergency contraception consists of two pills containing levonorgestrel that are ingested as soon as possible after sexual intercourse.[10] The sooner they are taken, the more effective they are at preventing pregnancy.
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Abstinence is one hundred percent effective in preventing pregnancy when it is used continuously. This method is extremely effective at preventing pregnancy, but it is not to be taken lightly, since it is difficult or impossible to reverse.
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