Maternity clothes to rent

Three years later, the company has more than 20,000 subscribers, and most of them fit into the demographic that is most likely to be pregnant and willing to spend money on maternity clothing. Today, four years after Tondon first thought of the idea, Le Tote has finally launched its maternity clothes offering.
To make renting maternity clothes as sensible for business as it is for customers, subscription company Le Tote took a four-year detour. When Le Tote launched in 2012, it offered "mystery boxes" of clothing that women could keep and return at their leisure, like Netflix discs, for a monthly subscription fee.
This week, four years after Tondon first thought of the idea, Le Tote has finally launched its maternity clothes offering. I love this direction because I'm a strong believer that maternity clothing like fast-fashion are effectively running on a creative treadmill that is unsustainable and represent a significant increase in post-consumer textile waste. Look your best at the upcoming garden party or baby shower with one of these cute maternity mini wraps that can also be worn as a mini skirt or a shawl.

Pregnant fashionistas love to have a maternity style that resembles what we would wear pre and post-baby, but it seems like most maternity clothing is so…fuddy-duddy. They also have a monthly flat rate for your rentals, which means your pregnancy brain won’t get you into trouble with late fees. The last two pregnancies, it was difficult to find clothes that fit that weren’t maternity.
Here we list out some environmentally friendly and trendy maternity clothes ideas you will find fashionable and affordable at the same time. They only offer maternity dresses, which keeps their turnaround high and helps your budget stay low. But, I just couldn’t justify spending 60 to 80 dollars on a piece of clothing that I would have to give up in just a few months. Meanwhile, women are unlikely to continue subscriptions to a maternity clothes company for more than a few months.

The company hired a pregnancy expert to help them decide what types of clothing will fit a woman at different stages in her pregnancy, and it automatically adjusts the clothes it sends accordingly. When I couldn’t find a dress within my budget on the other two sites, I look into the $39 and under section on Rent Maternity Wear for a great dress. With wedding season, and (for bloggers) blog conference season coming upon us, now would be a good time to look into alternatives to buying maternity wear.
The suits they offer aren’t boxy or awkward maternity suits, but are chic and polished. I always struggle with maternity bottoms (and how expensive they are), so renting a pair or two just works for my budget and my sanity.

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