Maternity clothes made in usa

Avoid unwanted chemical exposure by opting for these organic maternity clothes, which are also made from sustainably grown fabrics.Even though maternity wear is only useful for a few months before becoming redundant, it is still worthwhile to invest in a few high quality and versatile pieces that will make your pregnancy much more comfortable.
Here are some maternity wear companies dedicated to sustainable and ethical production methods.1. 82 percent of products are made with sustainable materials such as organic cotton, Lyocell, recycled polyester fleece, and recycled polyamide. 98 percent of production takes place in Europe, with the exception of knitted items made in China. MaternitiqueFounded and run by women in Portland, Oregon, Maternitique is dedicated to reducing the number of chemicals to which pregnant women and, consequently, their newborns are exposed.

A Pea in the PodAlthough this company sells many conventional maternity clothes, it offers a few items that meet higher ethical standards. Figure8 MaternityThis website offers organic cotton bras that are excellent for pregnancy support and nursing.
They are made with 91 percent organic cotton and 9 percent spandex, and manufactured in the U.S. Mothers En VogueAlthough this company specializes in nursing wear, it has a wide range of maternity options as well. The rest of MEV’s items, even if they’re not specifically “eco”, are all made with natural fibres, such as cotton, modal, silk, and linen.6.

Bump CoversThis Etsy shop sells maternity t-shirts made from organic cotton and super soft, stretchy bamboo.

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